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We are what we wear.
The way we dress expresses who we are.
That is why there are different attires for different occassions. But do we really know what we wear? More than how it looks, and how it feels, material and fabrics have their own characteristics. For something that sticks to our body and identity, we should know the things we wear everyday, for it affects the environment more than we think. We at EASE, alongside you, wish to make this idea viral and make the world a better place.

Get To Know:
the Material

Comfort and ease are our aims when people experience the way our clothes touch the skin. With state of the art technology and expert minds, we source the most sustainable fabrics possible to bring designs to life. Our garments made with LENZING™ Viscose and TENCEL™, which uses less-polluting than oil-based fabrics to produce.

Our garments made from LENZING™ Viscose, man-made fiber made from renewable raw material of wood, are sourced from tress from certified sustainably managed forests, recycles the various chemical and waste from the production processes or are sold. We ensure the production meets out social and environmental standards. We choose this material for its ability to make one engage freely in their daily activities, and with its comfort.

Made by Lenzing, TENCEL™ is a semi-synthetic fiber with properties that are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. They are of botanic origin, extracted from renewable plant material. Fiber production itself is extremely eco-friendly, due to its closed loop system, meaning over 99% of the non-toxic solvent are recycled and pushed back into the system instead of being flushed out as wastewater. TENCEL™ is manufactured from Eucalyptus trees which grows back fast and thick on low-grade land, all done without the use of pesticides nor insecticides.

About the Brand:
The EASE Culture

Improving the standards of loungewear since 2017. With our wish to raise awareness towards sustainability, we aim to bring a new clothing experience that will be the epitome of comfort. Comfort brought to you through curated and specific materials, one which promotes cleaner living. Our very aspiration is to make you feel the comfort, to ease off and offer peace of mind for your daily activity.

EASE dedicates our effort to make your clothing experience something new: To know what you wear.

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